Thursday, 11 September 2008

Studio Opens

One of the many fun things I have been doing this summer is doing up the studio. For me, it was keeping in mind the best way to make use of the space, storage and lighting.

I am very proud of it and happy to share it with you!

The cupboards are made of glass with a white backing, I eventually plan to add paintings and teaching aids behind these. The work table also expands to sit more people and I also have added a 32" flat screen television and DVD player. (I do love my gadgets.)

I also stock JansenArt Traditions Paints and Mediums and necessities need for classes.

Traditions Education Program

This summer, I have taken the wonderful journey on the Traditions Module A, B, C, and D. with Heritage Artist, Gabriele Hunter in America. Gaby is an artist full of information and shares everything she knows willingly. There were people from all over America taking part in the module course with me. At the end of the four day course, our heads were spinning with ideas and we were ready to share the Traditions teaching methods with our students.

After taking part in the Traditions Education System A, B and C, I stayed to take Module D.

The Traditions Modules is a wonderful tool for learning. It is a developmental program which takes the artist on an educational and historical journey as they work through the levels and styles of decorative painting.

The Traditions Educational System offered as a teaching or study curriculum for artist. It is divided into three modules, Module A-beginner; Module B - Intermediate and Module C - the advance level.

Module A - Beginners
Builds the artist's foundation through the correct use of tools, language of colour, and mixing, stressing the mechanics of brush control required for all styles, including landscape painting. Each of the ten lessons builds momentum as students are introduced to the challenges of learning dimension and colour control, all of which leads to greater artistic confidence.
(Pictured on the right, final lesson of Module A)

Module B- Intermediates
is designed to advance the knowledge gained in the first module through more involved designs, in-depth colour and value studies, and the introduction of several layering and blending techniques. Through the introduction of realism, sophisticated stroke design, landscapes, floral, and still life, the program establishes the technical building blocks for more to come in the next module.

Module C- Advance.
Challenges the student once again, yet reinforces all previous lessons while continuing to build the toolkit for advance skills and techniques. At this point the student has attained a higher level of confidence necessary to execute more advance designs with greater detail and proficiency with an understanding of theory required to do so.

The second instalment of Module D is an advance program for artist. It includes several advance subject and topics.

Please contact Kim for further information on classes.

For more information on the complete Traditions Education Program, Click on the Traditions Logo to visit the website.