Thursday, 21 August 2008

Just One of the Kids

Three weeks in June I had spent a wonderful time with family and friends in America. The weather was lovely and warm too.

It was the first time for me to meet my niece Riley who is two. I spent a couple of days with her and her mum. I also spent time with my first niece Gracie, she had just turned four and we had two ice cream cakes for her party. Yum, my favourite!

I also had a chance spend time with Mike; he became ten over the summer and also likes to paint. We spent a couple of days together painting and doing gourd art. We had an awesome time!

Mike is a special guy and he is interested in art. Explaining art to a 10 year old was a wonderful experience for me as I looked at it in terms of another perspective. Let's just say, I did not realise how much science is actually involved in art. Well O.K., that is not entirely true but during our discussions, I found myself thinking back to junior school's Ms. Larose science class to help me explain and answerer his questions. Good thing I paid some attention in school.

I wonder if Ms. Larose was a painter in her spare time. I am starting to think so. LOL

Colour pencils aren't just for kids! This summers reading program was called "catch the reading bug." The KVDA girls made bookmarks with the kids at the library. We used coloured pencils. The bookmarks were of wonderful designs by artist Dottie Kuhl. She did a great job and the designs were so cute. We had so much fun mixing colours and tried using different techniques with our coloured pencils.

Teaching art to children is great! When a situation arises and there isn't enough green markers or colour pencils to go around to everyone, improvise and teach children that blue and yellow make green. It's magical.

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