Thursday, 23 April 2009

Emphasise Everything and You Have Emphasise Nothing

I was thinking today of some words from a teacher that I had studied under at Marshall University. Sporny said, “If you emphasise everything you have emphasised nothing.” He was referring to an overworked canvas but is this not a lesson we can also bring into our lives?

I am still developing as an artist and often referred to as the “thirty something” range. Anyway, I enjoy the process and the challenges I face as a painter. It is what motivates me in the studio. I love learning and this is what gets me passionate about going in the studio.

Well, this morning I busy working at a project for a class. While doing so, I was thinking about the mountain of concepts or theory that there is to learn in landscape painting. I was feeling good! And then suddenly I stopped and found myself listening to an echo or a voice from inside my head telling me “If you emphasise everything you have emphasised nothing.”

As I was trying to rationalise this, I thought, okay, how much is there to learn about painting? The reality was more than I would have time for in this lifetime. So, for the first time in my life, I thought to myself that just maybe it would be great idea to have a focus and work on a series of paintings.

I suppose I could have just ignored the thought, but maybe I have spent long enough feeling my way around and trying out different things. Maybe it is the time for me to make that commitment to give my work a focus. Just maybe, it is time for me to grow with my art.

-Kim Bennett


  1. Hello Kim,

    It's a process learning what works. I like your "work", your thoughts, and your openness to your seeking.

    Congrats on finishing this piece. I'm at it as well, and take photos of each phase of the "work" as I paint because ideas for further work always come as I paint as well.

    Continued success, fondly, Magdalena

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  3. Thank you Magdalena for the thoughtful comments.

    I have taken photos of my work in stages for documentation purposes but never thought about using them in the way you suggested as reference material.

    I may have to look into that.


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