Monday, 15 June 2009

Ready Set Go

Work in Progress, 10" x 10" inches, Kim Bennett

There were a few things that enticed me into the studio on Friday. First was the need to paint second was some new brushes to test and the other was to use some paint left over from a previous painting. This teapot or tea set was started on Friday and it will be one of the two unfinished works that will be travelling with me.

It has been a while since I have had a critique and I am hoping that I will be able to catch up with a couple of friends and ask them what they think about my work. We often critique each other work via e-mail and value each others opinion. This accommodation works very well but admittedly, nothing can replace seeing the work in person.

I was pleased with this painting until Sunday when an image of it was uploaded to the computer. Doing this usually gives me the opportunity to sit back and view a piece with a critical eye. It is similar to the way one would look at their work in the mirror, but the image is not reversed.

I don’t have a mirror in my studio yet. And, I am not suggesting to using the camera in place of the mirror. The mirror is more practical as it is not necessary to step away from your work or the studio and secondly, a photograph can add contrast to the look of the image.

Through this observation and having an objective eye, I am led to believe that the painting is indeed in need of more contrast. This is the opposite of what I had initially set out to do. In fact, I deliberately lowered the intensity of my darks.

Now the looming question, should I add more contrast to the painting or should I start another? Upon the revisit I should have a better understanding of what to do.

-Kim Bennett


  1. I do have a mirror in my studio, but I still find that I am far more objective when I can see the painting via a digital image or a scan than with the mirror. I see things that I don't see with the image reversed.

    Your image above has a muted or quiet tone to it that I quite like. You'll have to be the one to decide on more contrast or to start another.

  2. I like it like it is. It's got some deep, rich darks, and some very light lights. The reflections are quite lovely, and add a nice abstract quality that I like. What medium are you using?

  3. Hello Laure, Thank you for stopping by.
    I have worked on it a little more on the tea set. The painting traveled with me but not the objects. Deciding to leaving the reference photo aside is up to me now to make those decisions.
    It shall prove interesting.

  4. Thank you Marilyn. It is looking good so far.

    I am using the Traditions Acrylic Globals. The Global part means that the paint has been put through a process in the studio where the water in the paint has been replaced by extender.

  5. My first reaction was "What a lovely, soft painting" so I vote for little if any additional contrast. The colors and composition are just beautiful!

  6. Cheers Gwen
    We will see how it goes.

  7. Sorry Marilyn The paints are Traditions altered paints formerly known as Globals.

  8. ...I like your painting the way it makes me think of a lovely get together--tea and conversation. I love the way you captured the shine of the silver and the brightness in the window behind.

  9. That is nice of you to say Kelly... it has been left as it is.


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