Friday, 13 February 2009

Good Day For An Outing

This morning I left the house with a little extra spring in my step. The weather had turned for the better and the sky was clear. As usual, it was a walk into Pudsey to see if there was anything of interest to be found in the charity shops. It just so happen to turn out to be a good day to add to my small collection of things.

There was just one item on my list to purchase and this was glass. If it was coloured glass, then even better. This isn't any old spontaneous buying. I have been searching in the charity shops for months. It was the matter of timing it just right to find coloured glass.

Then with careful consideration, I purchased a tea set. I didn't need it but, there was an unsettled question of when would the opportunity come up again. Yes, I admit it was a whim purchase but as the price was under a tenner it would be silly to pass it up. Who knows, maybe one day it may make a nice study of metal or just maybe even, metal and glass.

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