Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Portrait of Hooter – Part Four

This took a little longer than I thought it would to post. A week was spent looking for the materials that were swept up in a studio cleaning. By Friday, everything was in place and fresh paints were mixed and ready to be back on track for that Monday start.

I had a little disaster in the previous stage and that was too much Prussian Blue. Add that colour in a little bit at a time! I made the mistake of treating it like a weaker colour of blue. The mixture looked fine at first but as the painting developed I became worried. The final decision was just to continue painting and try to adjust it to a more olive tone in this layer. Even though, the photograph above may lean towards the blue, be assured it is fine.

So the values were already established in the previous layer. In the second dead layer I made corrections to the portrait. It is important to get the proportions and shapes correct in this layer before starting the layer of colour.

It is time for me to decide on the colours and prepare the palette for the next step. Kinda looking forward to it!

Portrait of Hooter
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

- Kim Bennett


  1. Wow! Amazing to say the least. It has been so interesting to watch this painting mature. Beautiful....

  2. The portrait is looking great.

    It can be dificult to disturb the creative chaos - I avoid cleaning up my studio until between projects, if at all possible!

  3. Kim, I have not seen a new post for awhile so I do hope you are busy producing. You have such a great feel for what you are doing.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep doing that art work.


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