Monday, 24 August 2009

Portrait of Hooter – Part Three

Nearly half way through the painting, I would like to just point out that this type of painting is a slow process. The first dead layer of the grey values is in positions and just about ready for another layer similar to this one to be put into position.

Before it is time to add the second dead layer a revaluation the work will need to be done. Any corrections to the painting will have to be made in the final dead layer. Also, the darks and highlights will be developed in the following layer. As soon as the next stage dries the placing of colour will begin.

Portrait of Hooter
Part one
Part two

-Kim Bennett


  1. Wow- this is amazing. It is looking more and more like him with every layer. It is facinating to watch the process as well. Hooter and his music- what a perfect portrait!

  2. This is a fascination process to see and it's looking great!

  3. Hello Katherine and Beth. Glad that you're enjoying the process.

  4. this is really working out great. Must take a lot of patience?

  5. It will be interesting to see how it is going to turn out. For some reason working with values is relaxing for me. Yes, it is a slow process but there is nothing wrong with letting things set between layers. It is nice to see you again Gary and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Kim, I am liking this series, following your progress. How nice to have such a close relationship with your brother.

  7. Thank You Krista and congratulations on your publication.

  8. Thanks for sharing your progress on this great portrait. It is so cool to see the process and how the painting evolves.


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