Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Just Paint It - Pears

JPI- Pears, 5" X 7" inches, acrylic on canvas board

This is a submission for the Art Apprentice Online Yahoo List – Just Paint it challenge.

Sorry that this is not a very good photo. It's not the one of my best pears but I take these once a month JPI challenges to try something different.

It was time for me to experiment with a painting using texture medium.

For this painting, the paste was added until the mix became transparent. When it was found necessary, a faux medium was brushed mix into my colours. It was kind of like watercolour with texture which sort of gives it an encaustic look.

Planning to try this process again with what I have learnt.

-Kim Bennett


  1. Kim: This almost has an encaustic feel to it.

  2. Hello Marianne, encaustics have always interested me but only seen a few examples in my time. It is interesting how that art form is developing.


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