Monday, 10 August 2009

Portrait of Hooter - Part Two

For those of you that are following the progress on the Portrait of Hooter this is the second layer of the work in progress. At this stage, the Umber has been put into place and once dry, it will be ready for the dead layer.

My earlier portraits have always been approached more directly which involved a lot of push and pull with the paint. This is my first time using this technique and it is going to take many layers (about seven in total) before the finished piece is achieved.

As the portrait is of my brother and our relationship as siblings is a close one. For that reason, special care is being made to capture his likeness. His likeness becomes lost when too many details have been applied and this will have to be something for me to remain aware during this study.

The question I have, and won’t know until the painting nears the final stage, is where does it become too much or not enough? Any thoughts are welcomed.

Portrait of Hooter
Part one

-Kim Bennett


  1. It's looking good Kim and still looks fresh!

    How do you like this technique so far?

  2. It has been all right so far Katherine. Fingers crossed that the next stage of the painting stays fresh.


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