Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pear 2 - Catching A Muse

Pear #2, 4" x 4" inches, acrylic on MDF

In the Just Paint It - Pears post, it was mentioned that I was going to take what was learnt and make another painting. This process was an idea that had been on hold for a long time.

I had been itching to try this process for quite some time but it had slipped my mind who knows how many times. It was a post by Neadeen Masters called first acrylics on the Traditions Artist Internet Group that reminded me that I was wanting to play with my materials in a particular way.

Well, should we collect ideas or just get on with it and do it? My thoughts are when you have these A-ha moments or when looking at an artist painting and you just get it. That energy should be put to work before it passes you by. Grab your net and let's go and catch that muse!

-Kim Bennett


  1. Brill Kim this technique is soo cool!!! Love Ann x x x

  2. Hi Ann, nice of you to stop by and thank you for the fab comment. XX

  3. Wow, among the best you have painted. Love it!


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