Thursday, 16 July 2009

Christmas in July Seminar with Brenda Stewart

Williamsburg, VA was a beautiful setting for the three and a half day homecoming seminar called “Christmas in July” taught by Decorative Artist Brenda Stewart. The two pieces that we painted were Christmas Bells Box,a Winter Landscape painted on a shadow box, and a Santa Gift Wrap / Stick Stand.

Day one was a mid day class that was used for preparation of the wood piece or surfaces and for Brenda to discuss things we would be going through and applying to our painting.

The seminars were intense as the doors to the class room were open at eight in the morning for an hour of catch up. Our classes ran from 9 am to 10 pm. There were breaks for lunch and Dinner. The students were kept busy.

Typically Brenda invites her students into her hone for a cooked meal and a tour around the house. It is a beautiful place in which she displays many of her painted pieces.

Keeping in the spirit of the Colonial Williamsburg, the pineapples played a significant design element in the furniture and decoration within the dinning areas and the doors of their home. Hospitality is important to the Stewarts and the for them, the pineapple reflects this concept.

-Kim Bennett


  1. Sounds like you are having an absolutely wonderful time! By the way, there is a blog award over at my blog with your name on it! Please stop by!

  2. Hi Krista, I saw that thanks. Sorry it has taken so long to get back into the groove. Anyway, I am back home and thinking about blogging again.

  3. I love Williamsburg,'s so full of history. How fun! Christmas in July...did it get you in the spirit?

  4. Hello Kelly,
    Williamsburg was awesome! I would love to visit it again.
    As for the class, well let's just say that I was humming mearly to myself.


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