Friday, 31 July 2009

Paint Brush Award

This award from Krista Meister - Hope in Every Day
Thank you Krista for this lovely award.

With this award, I am suppose to tell you seven things you don't know about me and then pass on the award to seven others. So here we go

1. I read children’s books for relaxation. These are books for between the ages of 8 – 12 years. So far my favourite author is Roald Dahl.

2. Liking all things to do with water and have been called “A Water Baby.” This book is also a children’s classic that I would like to read.

3. I used to have a diet of sugar before attending swim meets. I started the day with glazed doughnuts. Rolly Coasters for lunch then followed by chocolate bars and powdered sweets during swim meets.

4. I placed first in the region in backstroke and also received best swimmer award from the swimming club.

5. My second toe is the longest of all my toes and I have very flat feet. It pained me to think of becoming a ballet dancer.

6. I enjoy listening to folk music.

7. My least favourite colour is Magnolia which is a type of beige or cream. It is also considered to be the least offensive colour in home d├ęcor. I guess you can’t please everyone.

Marian Jackson, MDA- is a teacher and a master of decorative arts through the Society of Decorative Painters. She teaches the art of colour pencil painting.

Fat Over Lean - Katherine Kean is a master of light and mood and her clouds just blow me away.

Carol McIntyre - Is a professional artist and I believe she teaches. She has been having so much fun with her blog showing step by step pet portraits. Keep up the fun Carol!

Vickie Martin - is an abstract painter who really knows how to feel it! I enjoy reading her blog and her post on facebook and twitter.

Dianne Poinski - Hand coloured photography and studiojournal. Wow, her photography and work is so breath taking. She also teaches hand coloured photography from her working studio.

Marlis Egger - Textile Artist from Switzerland. Her fine art techniques and printing on fabrics look like fun!

Our Beloved Hills - Betty Hyre , CDA she holds a Certificate of Decorative Art through the Society of Decorative painters. It is my mother’s blog and I do try to help out time to time. It amazes me how she finds time to paint.

-Kim Bennett


  1. Thank you Kim!

    I am going to think about this and then pay if forward!

    I was a swimmer too! I wasn't great, but backstroke was my best stroke too!

    Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Kim - Thank you and Congratulations!

    I can so relate to having a sweet tooth, although I really try not to go overboard these days. And swimming can make you so hungry.

    I think some of those children's books, like The Water Babies, have fantastic artwork in them!

  3. kim - thank you so much!

    it is the second time i get an award - let me think about this for a couple of days (it's so hot here right now - i can barely think...). in the meantime, i go swimming to cool down - backstroke ;-).

    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You are very welcome Dianne, Katherine, and Marlis. Have a great summer and keep cool in the water.

  5. Thanks Kim - I'm thinking about what I'm going to post and who I'm going to forward the award to - i'll get it done tomorrow

  6. I am so happy that you’re enthusiastic about this. It made my week!

    I will have a look when you post and check out your links. Can't wait to see who you give your awards to. It is interesting to see what blogs people look at.


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