Monday, 11 May 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

It is Monday evening. I have already travelled to Stockbridge and back and had a little snooze at home.

As mentioned in my previous blog post. The past few months have been a little busy with commitments that have involved writing. In the past couple of weeks, I felt that all of my words have been used up and I was getting nowhere. I tried to get going again with things such as long walks, cleaning the studio and house, making several "to do" list, research, and etc. This was not enough.

Yes, motivational remedies are still useful but it is time to focus my attention somewhere else.

I accepted during weekend that I was burnt out and in need of some studio therapy. It is time to lay down the pen and pick up the brush. Time to reconnect with the studio… even if was just for a little while or long enough to get my thoughts in line.

The plan is for:

Sketchbooks- Before doing anything else, I would like to spend some time in the morning working in my sketchbook. Trying to do three sketches or doodles a day. This will be before brush my teeth, wash my face or check e-mail. Well maybe I'll brush my teeth but it could be something that I would do during breakfast.

It will be nice if this can help me get in a creative mode for the rest of the day. Hopefully it will act as long term therapy for the days when getting in the studio is not possible.

Studio Therapy- Immerse myself in the flow of the studio for a few days. The studio is a happy place for me.

So the next few days will be spent enjoying time in the Studio.
Wish me luck!

- Kim Bennett

Here are some interesting links that I discovered this week.

Caroline Roberts writes How Can I Find Time to Create?

Michael Nobbs started a discussion last week asking other artist how they stay focus? In this weeks blog post, Staying Focus Michael shares with his readers a talk from about creativity and flow.


  1. Good for you, Kim! I go to the studio - coffee in hand- first thing every day for at least a half hour (if it's at all possible). It makes the day soooooooo much better! When I do that, it honors my priorities - creating - as the most important part of my life and day. Hope this works out for you too!

  2. Good luck with your plan Kim, and let us know how it goes!
    Thank you so much for the link - I'm off to check out Michael's discussion, it sounds very interesting.

  3. Sounds like an excellent plan Kim. Good luck.

  4. Hi Laure
    I like the creative day’s chart that you have on your blog. At the moment I am enjoying painting too much to make one. But will get there. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Hi Caroline,
    I had a quick peek at you blog the other day. Kudos for the link.
    I'm sing and dancing and happy painting!

  6. Thanks Michael
    Good luck to you as well.

  7. Have you been able to be more creative this way? Sounds like a good plan to me.

  8. Hi Krista,
    Sometime you just have to make time for it. If it is a priority then you have to make it a priority.
    It is a means of making time for myself. I personally need a creative outlet.

    The tips in Caroline's post "How Can I Find Time to Create" are worth exploring.


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