Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Go out and See More Art

Who knows what else you will enjoy!

View outside the York Art Gallery (York Minster in the background)

Outside the café with two latté’s and a plumb and apple slice. Children chase each other around the fountain on this warm day. What a view! I wonder why the tour buses park here. A man with a walking stick and dog on it's lead sits at a table. I take a photo.

Stack of macaroons in Betty's window

Like Oliver Twist, I peep into the window at Betty's Café.Bathing in a vanilla slice tempts me. Heart shape scones with clotted cream and strawberries amaze me. Checking the queue, I enter the shop. The lady behind the counter tries to sell me a Fat Rascal. I purchase a raspberry and lemon macaroon.

Living statue (Busker) on Stonegate

At the Minster there is a puppeteer show. A bearded man in the small alley plays guitar and there are chalk drawings in the square. A pass a uniformed woman speaking with a man on stilts. I pause for a moment in Stonegate to watch a poised man dressed in purple painting a "moustache better than Dali’s."

These photos were taken on Sunday in York.

What else I got into
Went to the St Ives exhibition at the York Art Gallery
Sunbathed and made daisy-chains in the park
Walked around the York Minster
Shopped in small independent stores

In York art is everywhere.

-Kim Bennett


  1. Wow Kim, great shots. Love Betty's Cafe, I'm so hungry! Those macaroons look delish!

  2. Like a kid in a candy store!

    I always stop to have a look in the window or to see how many people are in the queue to dine. Others do the same.

    In fact I didn't have a second chance to take a photo of the macaroons as there was always someone standing in front of it.

  3. Kim, you pulled me into your world.... Your writing makes me feel I'm experiencing everything right with you. Great post, and thanks for reminding us that that art is indeed everywhere if we just look, even in pastries.

  4. Thank you Krista,
    It is nice to hear from you. I am glad you liked it. It was fun for me recalling all the memories that went along with the photos.


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