Friday, 22 May 2009

Magnolias for 2009!

Recently, someone asked me to explain how I developed the design for the Magnolia Box. It was something they found interesting and asked if I would share it with my class in June. So if you are interested in how the idea evolved, read on.

How did the idea of the design begin?
The design developed, by making connections and rolling with them. You may say that it progressed in a natural course. The hues, or the colours, for the faux wood came to me, before I even considered the subject matter.

I wanted to approach the project by using a lighter range of earth tones. I was drawn to the Raw Sienna tone, which leans toward a warm yellow. First, the idea of choosing Raw Sienna rather than a darker earth colour, like the Umber’s, was an attempt to try something different. Secondly, there was the idea that it would be in keeping with modern wooden furniture, like birch, pine and teak. Well, at least the warm honey teak colour of the 1970’s furniture in my house.

These are approximate colours and may vary depending on your monitor.

Also, my was to incorporate the sheik look of satinwoods. With this in mind, the palette quickly materialized. You may notice that there is a green in the designs colour swatches. Originally, I wanted to feature green in my design. But, by some good fortune, I acquired an older supplement from The Marquetarian Newsletter. It listed colour references for veneers. Looking at this reference I discovered that magnolia was one of the recommended veneers for green.

By a stroke of luck or chance, it was April and magnolias were in full bloom. And, that is how the idea came to be, by making connections and rolling with them. Magnolias for 2009!

- Kim Bennett


  1. Such a gorgeous project! Love reading about your thought processes and how it came to be. I find it interesting that you choose your palette first and then choose the appropriate subject. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim, I loved this in your earlier post and I am so happy you let us in a bit about your process. I must admit I had no idea what "The Marquetarian Newsletter" was about so I was glad to see the link. Wow!This a beautiful art form. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Laure
    I am pleased with the way it worked out and it was a good day in the studio. Everything just seemed to pull together.

  4. Cheers Dianne,
    Marquetry was explained to me once as "painting with wood." I should be posting another painted faux wood piece in the next few weeks.


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