Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Going On a Summer Holiday

Well bank holiday has just past us by and now I actually have a little time to write. I became a year older this weekend. It was a good one and thank you to all my friends for the party atmosphere on one of the social networking places. It really meant so much to me.

In five weeks time, I will be on a long summer vacation back at my native homeland in West Virginia. My room is booked at Ma and Pa’s house and just about everything is ready to go. There is not much to pack as everything that I will need will be waiting for me there.

Still, there are a few more things that I need to get ready for including the class I will be teaching during June for the KVDA Chapter in Charleston, West Virginia.

During the past couple of summers, I had volunteered and dedicated my time to paint faux marquetry projects for community service and fundraisers for the chapter. This year, they asked if I would teach a class in faux wood finishes.

I will be teaching a faux marquetry piece featuring a magnolia design. Along with this, the class will be given an album to hold other faux finishes that we will work on.

It will be lovely meeting up and getting back together with everyone. Will see you soon!

-Kim Bennett


  1. Wow! Looks like a fabulous class combined with a family and friends on the old stomping grounds!

    Lucky girl!!

  2. Hi Laure,
    It will be fun! There is so much to do when I get back. I am looking forward to it.

    The magnolia piece will be posted in the next few days. So check back later.

  3. Thank you Taimoor. That is thoughtful of you.

  4. Hi Kim,

    Nice changes. I really like that your blog reaches all the way across my screen as well as the font size.

    Happy Birthday and have a fantastic vacation!


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