Friday, 29 May 2009

Started a tea cup

Work in progress 10 x 10" inch Acrylic on panel/MDF

Today, I thought would share a work in progress from my studio.

This week was a start of a routine for me. This was to pay a visit to studio each morning to paint. Even if it is just for a little while.

It is a work in progress so there is still areas of the painting that needs to be resolved. I have gone back and made corrections on the ellipse at the top left of the cup. You can see where I rubbed in some white. This still needs some attending to. I'll have to revisit the body of the cup. At the moment, it as is just the first layer and mapping. There is also a decision to make with the stylized flowers in the background. But, it's coming along nicely.

This teacup was another charity shop find from Pudsey. I was unable to purchase a single yellow cup so I acquired the full set of cups. In this case, painting a stack of cups probably would have been more appropriate. But a single cup can be an exercise for a tight schedule.

Other thoughts about a still life set up came to me this morning as I was walking home from food shopping. This time of year, the gardens are thick with red violet peonies, lupines and small cool pink flowers. I don’t know much about flowers or their names but the warm red violet colours and cool pinks would go well with the yellow.

Seeing all these flowers in passing reminded me that I have some gardening to do. Luckily it is going to be another gorgeous weekend.

-Kim Bennett


  1. Hi Kim,

    Tea and flowers - 2 of my favorite things. This painting makes me want to stop and rest for a few moments. Thank you!

  2. The yellow cup against the cool background is wonderful. Great start - looks like it could be finished to me!

  3. Love the warmth and richness of your yellows in the teacup. Looking forward to seeing this progress!

  4. Hi Dianne.
    Nice to have another tea drinker here :-)

  5. Hi Katherine,
    Thak you for you comments. When I saw those yellow cups I couldn't pass them up. The cool background is another charity find too.

  6. Hi Laure
    I hope to finish it sometime this week. Thank you for your comments and stopping by.

  7. I must tackle some still-life you use fibreboard without laminated surface ? i have done some work on the laminated type with acrylic - the paint slides around all over the place before it dries which is fun. You can also use this type - put a layer of whatever colour suits and do sgraffito work on it when it's dry.

  8. Actually I am using the Medium-density fibreboard, also known as MDF.

    MDF carries a health label with it. A formaldehyde resins is used as a binder. Precautions should be made when cutting and sanding. A must is wearing a respirator or a face mask with a filter. Also, the shop I work in is well ventilated and I also wear a work coat and vacuum the area and inside the equipment when done.

    Yes, it has that laminated surface to it. I tend to seal it before painting. This gives the surface a little tooth or something for the paint to grab on to.

  9. Hi I have had so many questions asking about the fibreboard used I have change it to read panel/MDF.


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